Earning Their Attention

You’ve probably heard the phrase “you only get to make a first impression once.” What you may not know is that this applies whether you are in person or speaking over the phone.

Everybody thinks in pictures, so that when people hear your voice, they form a mental picture of you in four seconds flat!

Therefore, the moment they hear your voice you MUST establish that you embody following three things:

You’re Enthusiastic - Most people’s days are boring and monotonous. To get the prospect’s attention you have to give the prospect the feeling that you have something really great to offer.

You’re an expert - If they don’t think you’re an expert, you’re wasting their time.

You’re an authority figure and force to be reckoned with - People are taught from a young age to listen to authority figures. The prospect needs to know that you are a person who can help them get what they want.

This all rolls up to one simple fact: you are a person who can help them get what they want and achieve their goals.

To take this one step further, the biggest challenge you’re going to face is breaking through all the noise. Everyone you reach out to is busy thinking about other things. They are completely involved in their own problems, clients, investors, health, employees, and family. You need to be able to build an image in their minds that you are a person who can help them take control of their lives. This is important because people have a deep desire to gain control. When they’re feeling out of control, they’ll take action to get back in control.

Prospects are looking to get in control by identifying someone that can fill a need and help them achieve a goal.

If you don’t establish these three things in the first 4 seconds, you’re done. You should thank them for the time, hang up the phone and move forward. There is always another prospect.

Today is going to be a good day. I have a feeling...


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