The Power of Tonality

Mastering the ability to speak like an influencer involves learning to elegantly apply tonality to control somebody else’s internal dialogue without having to use a lot of words. Attached to every word is a hidden tonality and power that registers with the person on an emotional rather than a logical level. This is the hidden language of influence.

Through use of a script and tonality you will establish (within 4 seconds) the three things you MUST accomplish in order to get the prospect’s attention.

That you are:

1. Enthusiastic

2. An Expert

3. An Authority Figure and a Force to be Reckoned With

And ultimately, that you are a person who can help them and who cares. Remember, people want to do business with people that they like and that they know care.

From the beginning, the language you use and the tonal patterns you run will engage the prospect and get them closer to the sale.

Tonality is the most important thing you can learn to master when it comes to influencing another human being.

In inside sales , 9% is the words and the other 91% is tonality.

Five Specific Techniques for Mastering Tonality

It’s crucial that you do all five, even though each one on its own will help you become more successful on the phone.

1. Use a Mirror

This is a great $15.00 investment. Jump on Amazon and get a small desk mirror ordered ASAP. Take the mirror and put it where you can see it and look at yourself while you’re on the phone. The key is to smile. Why? When you smile, those “smile” muscles affect your larynx. The result is, you sound better. In fact, you’re going to sound better than your competition- the person who’s not using the mirror. This gives you an edge.

As you go through your day, it’s easy to let yourself get monotone and unenthusiastic. Once that happens you can kiss any chance you have of booking a demo or making a sale goodbye. That’s why a mirror is so important- it makes you smile!

2. Record your calls

For a solid week you should be listening to 100% of your calls. Going through your recorded calls is one of the best ways to get your tonality dialed in. Pay attention to both sides of the conversation. How does what you say sound? What responses do you get? After that one week, you should listen to 10% of your calls EVERY WEEK to stay dialed in. The reason this works is obvious- you get to listen to the mistakes you’re making. Once you hear and truly acknowledge a mistake, you can take steps to never make it again. If you were an athlete, wouldn't you want to watch the game tape?

3.Stand Up

Stand up when you make your calls! Most salespeople sit down to make their sales calls. There they are dialing away, hunched over their desk, and (let’s face it) not sounding very good. When you stand up and make calls, you’re going to sound more enthusiastic. You’re going to stay engaged. You’re tonality is going to sound better, and once again, it’s going to give you the edge that you need to be more successful.

4. Use a Script

Tonalities, when coupled with a customized script, are very powerful. Most salespeople hate the idea of a using a script, but there is freedom in scripts. A script will help you use the right tonal patterns at the right time. With just a few read-throughs you will learn to deliver sales scripts in a way that the prospect is literally hanging on your every word. You will establish that you care about them, that you are reasonable, empathetic, trustworthy person, and that you have their best interests in mind.


When I say practice to salespeople, they often say, “BK, I don’t need to practice. I make calls every day.” That’s not really practicing. Practice means drilling. Get someone to role play with you. You manager, colleague, friends, or even your girlfriend. Whoever is willing to help you. Make that person work with you until you get your tonality down perfectly.

It just doesn’t make sense to practice on a prospect! You’re thinking about too many things; your mind is focused on connecting with that person, not making sure your tonality is on point.

Major Key

If you speak like an average person, you’ll be average. To be extraordinary in sales, you must embrace the power of tonality.

Call me anything... but average or ordinary

-Art Williams

Today is going to be a good day. I have a feeling...


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