How a Good Voicemail is Key

You can’t design an outbound prospecting strategy and not talk about the importance of leaving voicemails. Reps hate doing it, but I’d argue that they just aren’t doing it nearly enough or even correctly. The usual objection I hear is, “BK, I never get callbacks from voicemail.”

When done properly, voicemails will create more demos, drive more revenue into the company, and keep you hitting quota.

A good voicemail could link a pressing issue to your company’s name in your prospect’s mind. It could prompt a prospect to reply to an earlier email (this happens all the time). It could even warm up the call when you do connect live. In the very best case, the prospect will call you back.

Now, I can’t guarantee that every prospect will call you back, but I can guarantee that if you don’t leave voicemails, no one will ever call you back. In this day and age it’s hard to break through all the noise. Most of the time prospects are just too busy throughout their day to take your call. By properly leaving a voicemail you give them the opportunity to give you a call back when it’s convenient for them.

5 Keys to Leaving an Effective Voicemail

Be Relevant

Voicemails to “touch base” or “check in” are a total waste of everyone’s time. When leaving a voicemail, make it specific to the prospect. A strong Why You, Why Now intro is important.

Example: Hi Frank, the reason for my call is I found your Facebook post about your company’s August Special.

Don’t sell on a voicemail

A voicemail should never be longer than 15 seconds. You don’t want to go into a full sales pitch when leaving a voicemail. Most salespeople do that and it’s just painful to listen to. A better strategy is to briefly say why you’re calling and then follow it up with one benefit your company provides that would be relevant to your prospect. Never go into feature function and never ramble on.

Tonality is key

Just like when you have a live prospect on the line, tonality in your voicemail is your secret weapon. Never leave a boring and unenthusiastic voicemail. Putting energy and passion into your voicemails will allow you to stand out and be interesting. Before a prospect responds, they have to actually listen. If you want a prospect to listen, your have to first show that you’re interested in them.

Leave your name, company, and number last

This little Pro Tip gets the prospect to listen to your whole voicemail rather than just your name and your company. You have to remember, prospects are busy. If they don’t immediately recognize you, they’ll be done listening before getting to your value prop.

Don’t Trick Prospects

Don’t leave super vague voicemails. Too often I’ll hear a rep say something along the lines of “Hi Frank, Mike Jones here. Just have a quick question for you. Give me a call back at (555)587-2895”. You may get the callback, but when they find out you tricked them, you’ll lose the sale.

Let's Put It All Together

Voicemail Script: Hi Frank, the reason for my call is I found your Facebook post about your company’s August Special. Many of the companies we work with use specials to draw in new customers, so I know that one of the biggest challenges is converting the people who see your special into paying customers. I have a few ideas I can share with you on how others have driven in more customers using social media. This is Mike Jones with BoxForce, and I can be reached at (555)587-2895

Major Key

With minimal effort you can leave a fire voicemail. The key is to shift your expectations from “getting a callback” (consider that a bonus!) to voicemail being one part of a multi-touch cadence that tells your prospects a story of the value you deliver. That mindset will help you rise above the noise and dramatically increase your number of prospect conversions.

Today is going to be a good day. I have a feeling...


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